About Malang

About Malang

Located in East Java, Indonesia, Malang is the second largest city of the province. To reach the city, people can use trains, cars, buses, or planes. Malang has a domestic airport and only 2 hours away from the nearest international airport. The city normally has mild weather and popular as a center of tourism in the eastern part of Java.

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and mountains, Malang has numerous natural tourist attractions. The majestic Mount Bromo, is an active volcano in the eastern part of Malang. Visiting Mount Bromo is a must for all people who seek adventure. Tourists should first spend 2-3 hours journey passing vast savanna and a sea of sand by jeep or riding horse to be able to see astonishing sunrise from the peak of the mountain. In the southern part of Malang there are at least 99 picturesque beach destinations, which are called the hidden paradise.

Malang is a city with a great historical significance. The oldest record of Malang as a regency is dated on the 8th century. The historical and cultural richness of the city can be traced from the historical sites, such as temples, old buildings with colonial architecture, museums, and padepokan (a place to study art or martial art). For historical and cultural tourism, people can visit Singhasari temple, Kayutangan Cathedral, Panji museum, Padepokan Seni Mangun Dharma, Kampung Batik Celaket and many others.

The citizens of Malang are very creative, too—they create several thematic urban areas. Amongst the most popular are Kampung Warna Warni and Kampung 3D. Both of the thematic settlement used to be slum areas, but the citizen change the dull housing into fascinating neighborhood. The walls and roofs are colorfully painted; moreover, some small alleys are creatively painted with 3D pictures which are perfect for instagram-able photo spots.

Malang also offers numerous theme parks, shopping centers, and dining places. There are around 17 theme parks in the city that makes Malang called as the heaven of theme parks. Jawa Timur Park 1, 2, and 3 are the biggest amusement parks—each has its own unique theme. People can visit Museum Angkut, to see numerous collections of vehicles from different era. Eco Green Park, Predator Fun Park, Selecta, and Museum Satwa are the theme parks which combines nature and education. People who like getting wet will enjoy the splash of water in Hawaii Water Park or Sengkaling Water Park. In addition, there are also night amusement parks such as Batu Night Spectacular and Malang Night Paradise.

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